1st Inter-Church Celebration of French-speaking Anabaptists

MCEC @ Québec vous invite pour une réunion d'encouragement vers la sortie du confinement – Samedi 16 Mai à 19H.

The notice went out and we waited in great anticipation. The first inter-church celebration of French-speaking Anabaptists was met with tremendous response. Over 50 people gathered online from Kitchener, Joliette, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa.

Michel Monette, MCEC Mission Catalyzer, organized this worship gathering and moderated the meeting.  “It was a great meeting!” he says. “People told me that it was a great encouragement for them and they felt supported. This group is just starting to build and we are very excited to see how it grows.”

“Even for a non-French speaker, it was a Holy Spirit inspired time of worship together." - Norm Dyck

poster with three speakersBrother Charles from Betsaida Mennointe Centre in Quebec, a new church plant, brought an encouraging message.  He reminded us that God is in control. When the Israelites were in the desert and not happy with Moses, God provided for them and was with them. God brought them out of confinement from the desert to the promise land.  Brother Charles encouraged us to look at this period of lockdown as a blessing from God and to see all the ways that God provides for us during the time.

“Even for a non-French speaker, it was a Holy Spirit inspired time of worship together,” says Norm Dyck, MCEC Mission Minister. “I’m excited to see what God will continue to do with and through this gathering of our sisters and brothers.”

Pastor Machichi from Goshen Mennonite Church will speak at the next gathering of French-speaking Anabaptists on June 20. Goshen Mennonite Church meet in Ottawa and have recently joined MCEC. Watch for more from MCEC @ Quebec.