ReLearning Community (Cohort 5): Building a Disicpling Culture

Nov 7th, 2020ReLearning Community (Cohort 5): Building a Disicpling Culture

Participate in a two-year spiritual journey that will impact you, your congregation, and your community. Teams are coached through small and large group experiences in order to help ordinary people have ordinary conversations about Jesus.  We know that in a post-Christendom culture this is not going to happen by inviting more people to a church service. As Mennonite Churches in Eastern Canada we have stories to tell that are welcome in today’s society – our stories resonate. We need to learn how to tell them, and learn how to be comfortable doing so. This is about connecting with God’s story, about finding the words to tell our own stories, and about sharing these stories with our neighbours, friends and families.

This is the first of four weekend gatherings which will focus on the importance of starting by building a discipling culture in our churches.