My View From Here

Leah's Easter Thoughts

"Deep calls to Deep. My prayer for all of us in this season that we can draw on the deep reserves - the deep well of God's love for us."

Hello MCEC folks. Leah Reesor-Keller here.

In this past season of Lent many congregations have been following the Leader worship materials and the theme of Deep calls to Deep. I think that theme is so appropriate for this time, this season when many of us are having to draw on deep reserves to get us through this last - hopefully last - phase of the global pandemic that we're in. We know vaccines are on the horizon and many folks have been able to access them already - more everyday. We can see in sight the hope that we will be able to gather again. 

And yet the Easter in front of us again is one where we can't gather as we want to, as we hoped to and have that joyous Easter morning celebration that means so much to many of us.

I love living in the northern hemisphere so that Easter lines up with the coming of spring time. Because for me the visual metaphor of seeing flowers pop up where there was only empty garden space - seemingly overnight, seeing things turn green, seeing the leaves come out - that living metaphor of of life coming again, of seeds coming to life after resting through the winter are a tangible reminder to me and a living metaphor of God's love for us and what it means to see the power of life over death as we celebrate Christ's resurrection at Easter time. 

So that's my hope, my prayer for all of us in this season that we can draw on the deep reserves, the deep well of God's love for us - that love that we share for each other, to power us through this difficult stretch as we look ahead towards Spring - towards life - towards Christ presence all around us.