Katie Goerzen Sheard Named MCEC Coordinator of Youth Events

Katie Goerzen SheardMCEC is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Goerzen Sheard as interim coordinator of youth events.

Katie cares deeply for youth. She has a 15-year relationship with Silver Lake Mennonite Camp both as a camper and, for the past four years, as a counsellor. This year she has been a part of planning for and implementation of Silver Lake Camp@Home, an online camping experience for children and youth. She has been involved with coordinating MCEC youth and junior youth events for the past number of years and was a member of the Youth Ministry Dream Team, focusing on youth ministry within MCEC. Waterloo North Mennonite Church is her home congregation and she is currently a student at University of Waterloo in social development studies.

“We are excited that Katie has agreed to offer her gifts in this way. Katie brings a lot of experience and energy to this position, and her work on the Youth Ministry Dream Team provides continuity between that discernment process and these events,” says Marilyn Rudy-Froese, MCEC Church Leadership Minister.

Along with MCEC’s long-standing youth and junior youth events listed below, a new youth and young adult event will take place in November, and a retreat gathering for youth pastors and workers will be offered for the second year in March, as well as continued online Zoom meetings with those who work with youth in our congregations.

Given the unknowns of Covid-19, it has been a challenging year to plan. This year MCEC will provide online events and materials in parallel to in-person events. This will allow congregations and individuals to take part in their own spaces and will ensure that the events will happen regardless of public health allowances. It will also make a way for participants for whom travel is always a challenge to take part.

The Youth Ministry Dream Team completed its yearlong discernment process on youth ministry in MCEC, under the leadership of Jean Lehn Epp. In addition to planning and overseeing events, they spent the year listening to youth, youth pastors/workers and sponsors. This was important work in advance of an anticipated MCEC strategic planning process. They have created the following offerings for youth, junior youth and youth ministry personnel across MCEC:

  • September 1, 4pm           Youth Pastors and Workers Zoom Meeting
  • October 4                         Make a Difference Day for Junior Youth
                                             An event for Junior Youth and their sponsors/teachers
                                             at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp & Online
  • October 6, 4pm                Youth Pastors and Workers Zoom Meeting
  • November 3, 4pm            Youth Pastors and Workers Zoom Meeting
  • November 6-8                  Fall Youth Retreat
                                             at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp
  • November 21                   Inspire: Think Like Jesus, Act Like Jesus
                                             An event for youth grade 11 and up and young adults
                                             at Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church or Live Online
  • December 1, 4pm            Youth Pastors and Workers Zoom Meeting
  • March 5 & 6                    MCEC Retreat for Youth Pastors and Workers
                                             @ Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp

Katie has begun her ministry with MCEC and you can reach her at kgoerzensheard@mcec.ca.